I’m sure that many of you have noticed in the past few days that Spring is on its way.
Bulbs are appearing, birds are singing, buds are starting to develop on the trees and there is just a sense of Spring in the air – lovely!

It can be very easy to feel bogged down with the business and demands of life and often this business can be experienced in the mind,
which can result in us becoming quite trapped in our own small insular world.
We can start to feel tense, with our heads full of chatter and just miss our lives and the pleasant things that are happening.

So, see if you can just take pauses throughout the day, come out of your chattering mind and notice pleasant things, such as the signs of Spring, someone simply smiling at you, the taste of some pleasant food, a song or even a nice colour or object.

When we notice pleasant things in life, it can lighten the mind and help us to feel like we are living our lives a little more, rather than spending most of our time thinking about our lives.

Warmest wishes,





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