Much of our lives can be spent living on autopilot – carrying out daily activities with little awareness and instead, lost in thought about the future or the past.  It is likely that when we are lost in thought, we will at some stage start to engage in and believe those pesky unhelpful thoughts that begin to create some kind of suffering for us.  Such as regrets, worry, self criticism, etc. etc.

 So, see if you can spend a little more time each day waking up to those apparently mundane tasks of having a shower, cleaning your teeth or driving to work and see if you can actually experience them, even for short periods of time.

 With awareness comes choice and you never know, maybe you might choose to change some of those routines.

Living your life rather than thinking about your life creates more contentment and less suffering.

Roz x



Emma and I have created an app and it is FREE to download for a limited time.
It features a variety of guided practices, stories, FAQs and resources to support your own practice. Enjoy!

Download for iOS here

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You can also find them in the stores by searching: Present Mind Mindfulness

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