Hi Everyone,

Life is so full of beautiful and amazing experiences and isn’t it also true therefore that life is full of challenges and difficult experiences.

It’s during these difficult times, that a calm mind can really help us to manage these challenges and keep us afloat so that we don’t drown in the emotional distress of whatever life brings to us.

Agitation and stress is only ever caused by attaching to and believing thoughts that arrive in the mind – taking our attention to sensations in the body is where we can go to help calm the mind and it is then that we can see the answers and we know intuitively what we need to do.

A calm mind is a happy mind.
See if you can spend time each day noticing those many and varied pleasant events and experiences.
Practicing mindfulness each day if possible in whatever way you can will help to settle the mind, bringing greater clarity and contentment to our lives.

You could just pause and notice the body breathing, the sensations in the body, movement, notice sounds or taste.
Please also use the Present Mind Mindfulness App, if you’d like, to support you with a formal practice.

Warmest wishes,


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