How are you feeling right now? – perhaps excited, calm, agitated, sad, annoyed, frantic, happy….

Mindfulness practice helps us, over time, to experience our ever changing pattern of emotions as physical sensations in the body.

Emotions are not there to be solved in the head, they are there to be experienced.

When we engage in and believe thoughts about the emotion (especially the unpleasant ones) like “I don’t like this”, “they made me cross…”, “I want to feel happy not sad” etc etc, we are simply providing fuel for that emotion to continue and we’re fighting against our reality – this is a fight that we can NEVER win.

We fuel unpleasant emotions by engaging in thoughts about them and resisting the actual experience.

So, can you drop your awareness into the body and just feel the physical sensations of our ever changing emotions.
Come out of the head and into the body with kindness and curiosity.

Be grateful that you can allow yourself to really feel any pleasant emotions passing through the body and when the emotions are unpleasant, we can feel them too because this also allows then to simply pass by.

Warmest wishes,

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