How can Mindfulness help?

 Mindfulness improves well being by helping people to:

  • Recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions.
  • Respond more effectively to complex or difficult situations.
  • See situations more clearly
  • Become more creative
  • Achieve balance and resilience at work and at home
  • Be more focused and innovative at work and generally in life
  • Become more emotionally resilient
  • Manage relationships more effectively
  • Manage and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood
  • Feeling more satisfied in life and more able to savour the pleasures in life.
  • By focusing on the here and now, many people who practice mindfulness find that they are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past, are less preoccupied with concerns about success and self-esteem, and are better able to form deep connections with others.
  • Practising mindfulness also helps people to feel generally more happy and content in life and to develop a kinder and more caring attitude towards others and towards themselves.

Mindfulness improves physical health

If greater well-being isn’t enough of an incentive, scientists have discovered that people who practise mindfulness techniques can improve their physical health in a number of ways. Mindfulness can:

  • help relieve stress
  • treat heart disease
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce chronic pain
  • improve sleep
  • alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties
  • treat skin conditions such as psoriasis

Mindfulness improves mental health

In recent years, psychotherapists have turned to mindfulness practice as an important element in the treatment of a number of problems, including:

  • depression
  • substance abuse
  • eating disorders
  • couples’ conflicts
  • anxiety disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder

There is an ever growing number of published research articles by neuroscientists and researchers to scientifically prove the emotional and physical benefits of practicing mindfulness.


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